Thank you from your winner – Lauren!

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We asked Lauren to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what she said… 

Hi Everyone!

I’d just like to extend a massive thank you to those who have supported and voted for me over the last 2 weeks in the Toxicology Zone. It has been fantastic chatting to you all and answering some very thought-provoking, but exciting questions. On many occasions, I have been extremely impressed and even challenged by the complexity of some excellent questions!

I’ve learnt a lot; we’ve discussed black holes, dreaming, autism in fish, climate change, kidneys, livers, brains and even Blobfish!! When it came to the chemistry questions Stuart, Richard, Anais and Katy were fantastic, and I have learnt a great deal from these great scientists.

The moderators were both extremely patient and enthusiastic, without them to keep the chats on course it would be impossible to answer all of your great questions in just 30 minutes, so many thanks to them for enabling such a great project. Recognition and thanks also go to the organisers, who kept us all updated each day with the dreaded eviction announcements and all the information we needed in the lead up to the big event. Also, thank you to the schools and teachers who actively engaged with the event and enabled it to run so smoothly. The event is a fantastic way of ensuring fun in lessons and demonstrating what is possible in the world of science.

I’m a Scientist is an awesome and inspiring event, I’m sure everyone involved has learnt a great deal, students, teachers and scientists alike! It was great to be a part of a very committed and energetic group of scientists in our zone. Frequently, even on the last day of the event, we had 4 or 5 scientists in each chat, addicted to the challenging questions being asked by each class.

The range of questions was amazing, and I will miss answering these every day. I hope the students enjoyed the event as much as the scientists. Although my schedule is now significantly less jam packed without daily classroom chats, I am straight back into the lab and researching hard. I am genuinely looking forward to organising more STEM outreach events using the award, and interacting with yet more enthusiastic young scientists like you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to recreate some of the I’m a Scientist experience for others!

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone involved in this great event, the students, teachers, scientists and moderators, for making the past two weeks such a great and memorable experience.

Keep asking great questions everyone!


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